Monday, May 11, 2009

No Me! Monday

I certainly did NOT forget my almost-brand-new EarthLust reusable water bottle in a park last week. The sunshine and leisure time did NOT go to my head. I absolutely did not have to replace it with a new Sigg. Not me!

I definitely did NOT buy new eau de toilet all wrapped up in plastic. And I certainly didn't seriously consider buying Bath & Body Works soap just because it smells good when I have lots of soap at home. Nope.

There's no chance that I complained to someone's manager because she refused to take my plastic bag back. Not me!

I absolutely did not post about eco-personal hygiene supplies and then buy my regular (plastic) floss. Never. (In my non-defense, I certainly DON'T have to see the dentist soon.)

I did NOT shun eco-chic newspaper wrapping to buy a (partially plastic) bag for my mom's Mother's Day present. Definitely not me!

I definitely did not refuse straws in restaurants about 10 times in the past week. And I certainly did NOT forget to refuse them another few times.

There is NO CHANCE that I bought new pants at Ann Taylor Loft, only to realize that they are all plastic. And I definitely did NOT keep them anyway.

I certainly did NOT agonize over the hypocrasy of keeping a blog about hating plastic and still using it more than I'd like. Nope, never. Not at all! Not me.

**Not Me! Monday comes from MckMama's blog at Want to play along? Write your own Not Me!s, link to her blog, and read other ridiculous things people are ashamed of NOT doing.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have to go back and read more about your site! I am def. interested to see what you have to say about plastic