Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This will be fun! I haven't "Not Me!ed" in awhile.

Let's see...

I certainly DIDN'T stay in bed the whole weekend (in fairness, I was sick...and I managed not to use any plastic while sick...unless you count the Tylenol bottle. Why does ALL medicine come in plastic? I mean, I do have the special dispensation for medical plastic, but what ever happened to the good old glass medical jar?).

I definitely did NOT drink my chicken soup out of a coffee cup at work today when I discovered I'd forgotten my spoon (it was an effort to avoid succombing to using a plastic one).

I obviously would NEVER go to McDonald's, despite its inherent plasticity, to get an evening snack in an effort to push through an assignment. (In fairness, the only plastic I used was whatever was coating my cup. But it's more the idea of McDonald's that's plastic...)
Someone bought FOUR BOXES of granola bars to keep at work (because they were on sale, but only if you bought four!). Who, me? Couldn't be! They come individually wrapped...oh, but they're so yummy (real weakness, granola bars. serious. troubling).
And I totally DIDN'T delay buying binders because I want to find some eco-friendly ones. Nope! Not me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Here! Still Avoiding Plastic!

Sorry I've been MIA. My new job's been really busy. It's not that I don't have unplastic stories -- I do! But sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to choose which one to tell.

Let's see...

I finally got my pictures developed from DC Pride. Yes, developed. Old school disposable camera. I'm insanely embarassed. Also, for the record, it took HORRIBLE pictures. By and large they are horrendously over-exposed. Sigh.

BUT they do document the excessive use of plastic at such festivals. Here's a picture of the people forcing unnecessary plastic bags on festival-goers:

Here's the one of the iced tea taste test that generated lots of waste:

Here's a picture of the recycling bin!

Recycling is so gay (I mean that in a good way -- the LGBT community tends to love a good recycling bin!). By contrast, I went to the National Capitol BBQ Festival (where I failed at taking pictures because my batteries were dead), and they didn't even have recycling bins. On a plus note, though, the Dasani flavored water employee gave me a bunch of delicious strawberry-kiwi water in my Sigg. She poured extra water in because she was impressed that I was trying to be earth-friendly. Nice job, Dasani!

I managed to have a low-plastic July 4. Took my trusty Sigg with me and used it for all of my beverage needs. Successfully avoided straws at several spots this weekend -- and my friends even know to forcefully request NO STRAW when ordering for me too!! It's so sweet.

So, overall, festivals can be rough times, holidays are do-able, and my friends are the best!