Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This will be fun! I haven't "Not Me!ed" in awhile.

Let's see...

I certainly DIDN'T stay in bed the whole weekend (in fairness, I was sick...and I managed not to use any plastic while sick...unless you count the Tylenol bottle. Why does ALL medicine come in plastic? I mean, I do have the special dispensation for medical plastic, but what ever happened to the good old glass medical jar?).

I definitely did NOT drink my chicken soup out of a coffee cup at work today when I discovered I'd forgotten my spoon (it was an effort to avoid succombing to using a plastic one).

I obviously would NEVER go to McDonald's, despite its inherent plasticity, to get an evening snack in an effort to push through an assignment. (In fairness, the only plastic I used was whatever was coating my cup. But it's more the idea of McDonald's that's plastic...)
Someone bought FOUR BOXES of granola bars to keep at work (because they were on sale, but only if you bought four!). Who, me? Couldn't be! They come individually wrapped...oh, but they're so yummy (real weakness, granola bars. serious. troubling).
And I totally DIDN'T delay buying binders because I want to find some eco-friendly ones. Nope! Not me.

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Brittney said...

Okay, so first Target has a line of binders that they claim is eco friendly...I can't say if they actually are...but it is what is when they "say" these things.

And...we will be home doing nothing on the 25th! Let me know what you want to do. I can't believe we're so old that we're having a 10 year reunion (and you, just finishing school)! Who's planning it with you, the other officers?