Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Founding Farmers = My New Favorite Restaurant

On Monday evening, I had the very great pleasure of dining at Founding Farmers. I was instantly charmed when, upon requesting my beverage without a straw, the waiter informed me that they don't serve straws with any of their beverages. Seriously, I was in LOVE.

The food comes from nearby sustainable farmers. They make as many dishes and drinks in-house as possible (for example, the delicious home-made ginger beer!). They put milk bottles full of water (but without any tops!) on the table for you.

And, when you leave with extra food, they pack it up in a delightful paper container, as seen here. Yes, it is coated with something to keep it waterproof, but MUCH less non-paper gets used than in your average take-home container. PLUS it's recyclable. And they don't bring you a plastic bag with the take-home box.

Oh, and did I mention the food is yummy? Because it is. Very yummy.

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