Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Today, My Life Begins"

I love the show Grey's Anatomy. I've seen every episode. I've endured the crazier plotlines (seriously, how are any of them still doctors?). The reason I keep watching is simple: that show is so hopeful. It's not just shock and awe like some medical dramas. It's not just a soap opera (though it definitely is that). I love the deep, dark reflections. But I love the fact that there are rainbows at the end of the aching. I love the idea of bringing meaning to life's worst possible moments. I loved tonight's episode with its focus on big days, even unexpected big days, days that make you stand up, grow up, and become accountable to something bigger than yourself.

I practiced my graduation speech today. The main theme is about how we don't do this on our own. This life thing? No one can get by on his or her own. We need each other. I need the plants and the animals and the fragile, delicate ecosystems too. And I need space - space not covered by landfills or Pacific Plastic Garbage spots. I need to be able to breathe in and drink deeply of the hope that fills me on big days.

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