Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Find it! Episode 1

This post is a game -- AND a contest. I know some of you readers are parents, and this game can be played with your children too! It's pretty simple:

I'm going to post some pictures, each of which has plastic in it somewhere. These are all photos from Spetses, one of the beautiful places I visited in Greece. Your job is to find that plastic. To enter the contest, copy the photo into Painter or whatever program you like and put a big red circle around the plastic item in the picture. Then, email it to me at The first correct email will win a gift card to Target, where you can purchase one of these adorable Terracycle CapriSun bags (or some other UNPLASTIC item for your family). See my post on Terracycle for more.

Let's try an easy one for example:

Do you see it?

What in this picture just doesn't belong?

What plastic is messing up this beautiful picture of nature?

I bet you've got it!


There it is!

Here's a close-up:

So, you get the idea. You get to look at some of my pictures from Greece AND think about plastic! You can thank me later.

Ok, now for the rest. I'll post the answers tomorrow at 9 am. Hopefully, I'll also have a winner to announce. If you're really lucky, we might even get to play again. The title of this post does say "Episode 1," afterall. Some are easy and others are harder. AND there is one trick -- one of these photos has two pieces of plastic in it. Be sure to find both. Good luck!





See, the thing is, that this POST is a game, but this IDEA is not. Plastic is everywhere. And that's why it's important to use less!

**Just to be clear, this post isn't meant to make Greece seem extra-plastic-y. And don't imagine that I missed the beauty of the place looking for plastic. It's just that, once you start noticing plastic, you see it wherever you go. Plus, this makes for a fun game, right? :)

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