Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Natural Soap and Sustainable Candle

As I was signing in for yoga on Tuesday, I spotted this bar of soap, calling out to me. I lifted it to my nose and was instantly enamored of the Lavender Mint scent. Plus, I've been looking for a healthier soap lately, one less harsh on the sensitive skin. This handmade soap has coconut, olive, palm, and castor oils -- and not a single ingredient you'd need a chemistry degree to understand. I picked this up after class and couldn't be happier!

I was also seeking a candle, since my supply is dwindling. I recalled coveting a dreamy soy wax number delightfully packaged in 100% post-industrial paper pulp, which - get this - can be used as a planter! I can just fill it with soil and seeds and then plant the whole darn thing when the seedling begins to grow. No transplanting or anything since the paper fibers will naturally go back to, well, nature. Soy ink, sustainable twine, the whole deal on this packaging. It's seriously good stuff. Oh, how I love my yoga studio!!

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