Saturday, May 2, 2009

Writing Utensils -- and a Contest

I love office supplies. Anyone who knows me has experienced this love. I have markers, pens, pencils, colored pencils, tape of every color and type, index cards, paper, glue, stickers. I'm very likely to bust out my collection of highlighters and colored pens, pictured above, in class to color-code my notes (yeah, I'm a dork. big time.). Really fun office supplies are one of the things I miss the most about teaching.

But most office supplies are tragically plasti-cized. Basically everything I just named is mostly plastic. Now, there are new ideas coming up (see the post on recycled paper pens below), but basically, I use plastic.

Here's where the contest comes in. Let me know your best anti-plastic office supply tip by leaving a comment. The most useful/most creative will e-gift certificate to that office supply provider! (I'd hate to waste plastic in shipping and energy we'll do electronic. Unless you live nearby. Then I can mail you something.) So help me out and you'll get a boost too. The contest will end tomorrow (Sunday, May 3) at midnight.


Brooke said...

I found Terracycle products at OfficeMax and just checked out their website. They make pencils out of used newspapers and some cool things out of capri sun drinks.

FB @ said...

Shoot, I'm late right!?

I live in Canada, so this may disqualify me but my best anti-plastic office supply tip is to use re-usable pens.

I own a gorgeous fountain pen, and I just use it to suck up ink from a glass bottle when it runs dry :)