Thursday, May 7, 2009


FYI: I'm done with grad school. This should result in a lot more blog posts. :)

Today, I had lunch at Potbelly's. It's one of my favorites. Now I ask myself (and you) to help me evaluate whether it's a good anti-plastic experience.

Here's what I've observed:
1. Use paper packaging instead of plastic.
2. Offer canned beverages (recyclable).
3. Make most stuff fresh, reducing the amount of "storage plastic" they use compared with placed that use lots of pre-packaged products.
4. Most have recycling bins next to the trash.

1. Use plastic for sides. Including if you want extra hot peppers. Sigh. (I love their hot peppers!)
2. Beverage cups, like most, are plastic coated.
3. Chips are in plastic packaging.

Once I went to a location (the L Street Farragut North store) where there were no recycling bins. I was highly confused and distressed. But all the other ones have had them. Today I was thinking how great it would be if only we could compost restaurant waste.

I usually feel good about a trip to Potbelly's. Is there any reason I shouldn't?

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