Sunday, March 29, 2009

A (mostly) Plastic-free Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the anti-plastic fight. It might have been because I only left my house to do yoga, but I did a GREAT job avoiding plastic.

I haven't been to yoga in so long, but it was great to be back at my favorite studio, Tranquil Space. Yoga studios are naturally eco-friendly places, and Tranquil Space really goes the extra mile. Paper towels to clean your mat? Nope, reusable towels. Plastic cups for the yummy tea they serve after class? Nope, recycled paper cups. Candles sold in the boutique? That's right - soy wax, soy ink on the package, and packaging made of 100% recycled paper. There's barely any plastic in sight in that place. It's divine!

I even got some new yoga pants on sale. They are mostly cotton, but they do have some synthetic fibers. Still, these things are amazing! I tend to sweat profusely - under normal circumstances but especially when doing yoga - and these pants are fantastic. They wick away the sweat and make it evaporate in about 2.5 seconds. Which allows me to continue doing yoga. Which is good for my body and spirit. And me having a happy body and spirit is good for the world. So I'm down with a little bit of plastic fiber in these amazing pants.

I also picked up a new aluminum water bottle. I lost my Nalgene bottle ages ago and have been surviving on old glass iced-tea bottles. My new container is totally BPA-free (including the top, which is the only plastic part -- but it's recyclable!). It has great pictures of fish on it too, to remind me about the inspiration for this plastic craziness!

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Brooke said...

I love Tranquil Space!! One of my very favorite yoga studios.