Saturday, March 21, 2009

A trip to CVS, aka Plastics 'R Us

I just got back from CVS, where I acquired way too much plastic:

*A new blow dryer. I just got my hair cut and realized that it really does look different when you use an ionizer/shaper. Smooth, instead of static-y. Plus, my old hairdryer was about 4 years old and starting to make those scary smells that foretell of doom. Anybody have non-plastic hairdryer options while I still can return this hunk o' plastic?

*New mascara. Ladies out there in the plastic blogosphere, please offer advice. Are there any plastic-free cosmetics? I would love to eliminate, but I just can't go without mascara. My eyelashes are blonde.

*Pantyhose/knee highs. To their credit, the Leggs hose do come in fully recyclable containers that are even marked as such (so as to remind us to recycle them). But obviously hose are plastic. And I get runs in my hose ALL the time, which means that I need to buy new ones very very often. Plus I have a number of interviews this week, and I'll be needing the nylons. Any thoughts?

Wow, this was a girly blog. Must be easier for guys to cut down.


Danielle said...

Hello. I found your blog via FPF.

For me, the easiest ways to eliminate plastic have started with eliminating the expectations that I have about my lifestyle.

You ask about plastic-free options for a hair-dryer. I am wondering if you have thought about hair-dryer-free styles that you would be okay with. If you don't have the expectation of the style that the hair-dryer gives you, you will save that plastic, the energy, and the time that the style takes you every day.

Misty said...

I found your blog via FPF too. I agree with Danielle about changing/eliminating expectations. I have a friend who frets over her blond eyelashes, but I think she looks just fine. As for hose, a LOT of people no longer wear hose in professional settings. If you just skipped them, I doubt anyone would notice!