Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Back!

So, I realize I've been a little MIA. The last semester of grad school will do that...studying, working, and searching for a job have definitely distracted me.

But I do love blogging about plastic. Obviously. There's always a story because plastic is EVERYWHERE!

Here are a few observations:
1. I am convinced that population density and difficulty in avoiding plastic increase together. I was in NYC for the weekend, and I found it so challenging to avoid plastic. It gave me a whole new respect for my friends at who live in LA and NYC respectively. It's also possible that the added challenge stems from travel/being out of a routine.

2. I'm yearning for a less "disposable life." That is, after all, why I started this crazy journey. Yes, it's about plastic, but it's also about lifestyle. However, given the aforementioned "busy-ness factors," my life has been all too disposable lately. Even if it's disposable paper, I need to be reducing. My friend Monica made good arguments about the rainforest recently. Plus, I keep hearing about how much energy it takes to produce assorted types of disposable containers. I think cooking for myself and visiting farmers' markets are crucial parts of this process.

3. I get distressed by all those things that are mostly paper/glass but part plastic. For example, kitty litter containers. All paper except for that handle at the top. Or cat food bags. Paper, but coated in plastic. Or iced tea in a glass bottle -- not even a plastic ring around the top (yay!) -- but with a plastic label.

Plastic is a huge challenge.

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