Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plastics Make it Possible...

PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE.…-still-want-to-use-plastic-bags/
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I'm actually really glad that I got back to some source material. I've been slipping a lot. Here's what happened today when I went to the grocery store:
  • I purchased bottled water. I like to be prepared in case of random emergency. Sadly, bottled water comes exclusively in plastic. Why yes, of course, I'd like to drink my water out of a toxic container! Argh.
  • I succeeded once again in purchasing turkey from the deli and asking them to place it in my container. I even succeeded in getting them to use a paper towel to catch the turkey instead of that awful one-time-use thin plastic. However, the turkey overall comes packaged in plastic and they use cellophane to cover it between it's really not a plastic-free treat.
  • Given the strenuous discussion I had with the deli over using paper towels and not plastic to catch the turkey (it took a few minutes to chat with the manager who was a little rude but then a line was forming. I did get to explain my efforts to the guy behind me, who thought that bringing my own plastic container to reuse was a good idea), I forgot to ask for cheese. And then I passed some Pepper Jack. And I bought it.
  • I had a friend over for brunch and decided to splurge (in both money and plastic) on some smoked salmon. I also bought her a Mango Tango, my favorite carb-filled juice. I figure if I can't have yummy juice, that doesn't mean she shouldn't. But I forgot about the plastic. Odwalla is the kind of company that should care about this stuff....maybe I should write to them.
  • The South Beach Diet requires SO MUCH PLASTIC. I have to buy dairy because otherwise there is nothing I'm allowed to eat that will fill me up (there are only so many kinds of leaves out there and you have to munch them round the clock to feel full). I really can't wait for this to be somewhat over. I don't even like this much dairy and meat. But for 2 weeks I'm letting myself make the tradeoff to get the cheeses to lose some weight.
Anyway, I just read that article and feel newly committed. This is making me seriously rethink my ideal level of crunch...

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