Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plastic in Daily Life

I used a lot of plastic today, but I don't feel guilty. This was the kind of plastic that I truly don't know how to avoid while still being a responsible, hygiene-oriented person. Here's what happened:

1. I bought my books for the semester. One of them was wrapped in plastic (with a plastic CD-ROM inside) and there were no used copies anywhere. If I ordered it online, there would have been packaging and unnecessary shipping energy, so I don't think that's a net gain. I had to do it.
2. I went to CVS where I acquired:
  • a new toothbrush, made of plastic and wrapped in plastic (I think this counts as medical plastic, but why isn't someone making an eco-brush? Or are they? Please inform!)
  • a new roll of Satin Tape floss, aka the reason I have never had a cavity (again, I think this counts as medical plastic but would love to replace it)
  • a new bottle of hydrogen peroxide -- I got a big one from which I can refill my smaller size, so a little plastic saved but still too much used; again, medical plastic, but depressing

3. I cooked the free food my mom's been giving me. Unfortunately, it involved salmon wrapped in plastic. It wasn't even a reusable baggie that I could have washed out!

Any ideas for combatting these types of plastic?


Juli said...

Hi Jessica,

I found your blog today on Fake Plastic Fish!

Preserve makes toothbrushes from recycled #5 plastic, and you can mail them back to be recycled when you are done. When I run out of replacement heads for my mechanical brush, I'm switching to Preserve.

Eco-Dent makes floss with minimal plastic packaging. I haven't found any in NYC yet, but plan to ask stores if they will carry it.


Kelsie said...

I know this is an old post, but I just started reading your blog thanks to Fake Plastic Fish. : )I have a toothbrush called "Terradent." It's made of recycled plastic, and the ONLY part of the toothbrush you replace is the head, which costs about $2.00. I get mine from when I order my Kiss My Face face cream (which is, unfortunately, in a plastic container...yargh!).

JMcK said...

OOooh, thanks, ladies! I'll definitely check for those when I need a new toothbrush/floss. I appreciate it!