Friday, March 20, 2009

On "Social" Plastic

I like hating plastic. It can be a good conversation starter. I've mostly swallowed my pride. But sometimes I run into social plastic and don't know what to do. For example, when I'm at a job interview and they offer me water or coffee, I usually take it. It was nice of them to offer. And I'm often nervous. And it can be awkward carrying my own water into an interview (doesn't always fit nicely into the purse, what with the portfolio and all). Sooo...plastic. I mean, if I were to get the job, I'm sure I'd ease my co-workers into knowing all about my plastic-related eccentricities. However, it just doesn't seem like the wise choice.

Another example -- I visited a friend recently. We both stayed with her significant other, which was incredibly generous of him. Although I've learned to rule out "take out" via the "too much plastic" issue, I definitely wanted some yummy Chinese food. And he was exhausted after a tough day at work. It would have definitely been rude to pitch a plastic-related fit.

What do you suggest? What do you do in these situations?


Righteous (re)Style said...

So funny: "social plastic" . . . I totally relate. What I hate most is going to a friend's party (often a well-paid, 30-something couple with a nice apt with nice furniture) and be forced to drink my party beverage out of a plastic cup. Not only is it not environmentally friendly, it is also damn tacky!! Seriously, you paid $6000 for your couch, invest in some party glassware. But people are just lazy, I guess. Sometimes, I will ask for a real glass. Sometimes, it is awkward to do so. I have considered bringing my own mug to parties, but don't want to be rude. Lately, though, I have decided that anyone who thinks that would be rude . . . well, I just don't care to be friends with them. Great blog! I am fighting the plastic fight too! : )

JMcK said...

Thanks for your thoughts! I tend to pick my battles and struggle with which ones to pick. I hear you on bringing a mug to parties. I consider it a lot myself. And I agree that it's more rude to hate on the planet than to refuse your host's offerings. But there are times (job interviews! formal parties!) when it would be really out of bounds. I did refuse bottled water at a recent interview and go off in search of a water fountain. Didn't get that job, but I'm pretty sure it was for other reasons. :) (I have, since, found employment.)