Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eco-friendly Medicine/Personal Care and a Victory of Self-Control

So, if you've been reading this blog, you know that I make exceptions to my plastic avoidance in the name of medical and personal sanitation. I've recently found a potential fix for my band-aid situation. Granted, there's still some plastic involved, but no latex and more recycling involved in the packaging. Pretty pumped.

Another issue has always been feminine care. Apparently there are some options in that area too: eco-friendly products or the even more eco-friendly option of feminine "cups." I hear good things about both the Keeper and the Diva Cup. It's good to know there are options, even in these tricky areas!

Question for you -- any thoughts on non-plastic hair ties?

In other news, I was quite proud of myself this morning. I accidentally slept in the American University library (was doing research for a paper, got lost in an historiographical argument, stayed too late, couldn't figure out how to get home, decided to nap until daylight to avoid long dark walk, woke up much later than expected). On the (long!) walk home, I REALLY wanted to stop at Starbucks for coffee and a delicious breakfast sandwich. I managed to exercise restraint and wait until I got home, where I prepared my own "mocha" and a nice hot breakfast (no sandwich, since I have no bread, since all bread comes wrapped in plastic). That means I avoided using a disposable cup, plastic lid, and plastic wrapper from the sandwich. Yay for self-control despite absurd circumstances.

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Meg said...

The Diva cup is great! If you use one of those cups, be sure to cut off the tail if it gives you any discomfort. It's practically useless anyhow and I think most people who continue to use it have figured out that it's better to just cut if off.

I also use Many Moons pads. Another great option!

As for bandages, I try to just use paper medical tape and -- if I even need something more -- some gauze, a cotton ball, even a tiny bit of tp, whatever works best depending on what I need. I even keep a roll in my "emergency" pouch in my tote bags for when my shoes rub.