Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend in Plastic World

So, it's been a rough few days.

On Friday I forgot my fork and had to use plastic to eat my lunch. I thought I had a real fork with me, but I must have taken it out to wash it and forgotten to put it back in my bag. I managed to get through a happy hour with no unnecessary plastic, although I did collect some dirty looks from the bewildered staff. Later, I went out to dinner with my parents. Before we'd even ordered, I went to the restroom and when I returned there was a glass of water with an unwelcome plastic straw in it. I guess I need a sign that says "NO PLASTIC, PLEASE" to leave behind when I step away from the table.

On Saturday I managed to get through dinner ok but I definitely acquired at least one straw later on when I went out with some friends. All in all it could have been worse, but it could also have been better.

Sunday went a little better. I even realized that you can still eat crap food and avoid plastic -- I had a great emergency meal (left the house, realized I'd forgotten to eat, had little time, wouldn't be home for hours) at McDonald's without the use of plastic. They've really come a long way in using paper products instead of plastic.

Being plastic-free is so much easier when I stay home. But that's no fun! I will just have to be more assertive. And possibly make that sign....

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