Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Plastic-Free is the Way to Be!

It's October 1st. That means that as of now, I only get to use one piece of new plastic per day. Modeled off of Kerry and Erin's rules, here's the game plan:

1. Use only one piece of non-reusable plastic/day for the month of October.
2. ANYTHING that is not reusable counts. A straw I didn't ask for (or asked not to have) counts. EXCEPT:
a) Medical Plastic. This includes Band-Aids, vials and tubing for injections, anything they decide to use on me in a doctor's office or hospital, and containers of prescriptions or vitamins.
b) Plastic I cannot see and legitimately do not believe to be part of a product before purchasing an item. See the entry on Kerry and Erin's blog about plastic IN one of their meals.
3. I will keep all non-reusable plastic until the end of the month. I will then recycle what is recycleable.
4. I reserve the right to revert to plastic abuse on November 1. We'll see how it goes. I may also modify my plastic diet to general mindfulness or to 2 or 3 items to make it more sustainable past October.

Watch here for stories of my trials and triumphs! Down with wasteful plastic!!

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