Thursday, October 23, 2008

Doin' ok

I'm doing pretty well this week. I've gotten much better about being firm regarding straws. Other than straws, plastic is pretty easy to avoid. I do really miss cheese. I searched the grocery store but found absolutely no cheese wrapped in anything but plastic. Couldn't we use foil? Paper?

This morning I found myself at Starbuck's without my trusty thermos. I had left it at work by accident. But coffee was a must, so I went ahead with a paper cup. I think the cups are coated by plastic, but that can just be my 1 piece for today. I adamantly requested NO LID, and they complied. All in all, it worked out.

Last night, I was out to dinner and found myself without tupperware for the leftovers. So the question -- leave the perfectly delicious taco for waste or borrow my friend Monica's dirty tupperware from lunch? I obviously took the second option. I think it'll be fine. She's pretty healthy.

In general, this week has been much better than last week, despite the fact that I've been getting meals with a number of friends in an attempt to balance the work and the life. I'm not always successful at the crazy balancing act, but I've really enjoyed my social outings this week.

All in all, I think the plastic-free thing just takes planning and practice.

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