Sunday, June 7, 2009


Every time I do yoga, I think about how it is related to my Plastic Journey. The mindfulness I've attempted to bring to my plastic consumption is akin to the mindfulness of yoga. It's not that I never use plastic -- it's that I make a conscious choice about when to use it. And I honor the expense to the Earth when I choose so to do.

Modifying plastic use is like yoga in another way. If you've been in a yoga class, you'll remember the frequent calls to "micro-adjustments," those tiny movements that make a pose more intense. Yoga is all about baby steps, knowing that you sometimes take backwards steps too, even when you're taking baby steps. It's about working in tiny increments and cultivating an attitude of appreciating the impact of those itty-bitty changes.

Yesterday, I was at Baja Fresh with a friend. I used my paper chip container to hold my salsas instead of the plastic cups. And I realized that this is one of many teeny, tiny micro-adjustments that has become part of my life.

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