Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Christmas Plasticking

So Christmas shopping is a challenge when you don't want to buy plastic. I will full-on admit that I stepped into Lindt chocolates yesterday and forgot all of my plastic-averse ways. I bought two bags of truffles, each individually wrapped in plastic. I know. Terrible! But SO delicious.

On the plus side, I really limited the number of bags I used and almost all were paper.

Today, I remembered to take my reusable shopping bag to the bookstore. It really helped with carrying the books home! And hopefully balanced out my intense plastic waste yesterday when my mom and I stopped for a shopping treat of Thai food in the mall food court....served up on plastic.

Having emerged from exams, I'm bracing for re-entry into the plastic-reductionist's world. I know that my own work in just a few months has touched other people - friends and roommates and even my parents - who now tell me about the plastic they are reducing. Even if these people (and, honestly, even if I) cannot fully eliminate plastic, being conscious and at least reducing is a step in the right direction.

I think my revised goal (based on the October intensity) will be 3 or fewer pieces of plastic per day. I know that's not likely to satisfy the plastic blogosphere, but I used to be a teacher, and we like to set attainable goals. If that starts to feel too easy, I can push it down. The one piece per day thing was not attainable for me without elimination of meat and dairy and somewhat unhealthy obsessions and feelings of guilt. I will try again at 3. Starting on January 1.

Happy Holidays!

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