Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Yummy Burrito...No Plastic!

On my way home from class today, I stopped at Baja Fresh to quell a grilled veggie burrito craving. I managed to avoid plastic even while enjoying this tasty treat! I think this was good practice for next month when I dive full force into the Plastic Diet.

I poured salsa (lots of it! I like it spicy!) directly on the burrito, avoiding those little plastic cups and their evil companions, the little plastic lids. I almost picked up a plastic fork and knife, but fortunately I had my bag from lunch with me, complete with the real fork and spoon I'd taken to work. Mission accomplished! 1 yummy burrito, 0 pieces of plastic. I did need 4 napkins because I made such a mess pouring the salsa straight on the burrito, so if you have to weigh the paper vs. plastic thing...I don't have a complete analysis. But paper biodegrades and is renewable and, well, plastic just isn't. Yay for a successful plastic-free meal. This is giving me hope.

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